36-1 1150RPM .wav Test Signal

by Luca Lagonigro

A few weeks ago I received the following email. I have posted the files here as they do not appear to be available elsewhere on the internet.

From: "kaferlago" 
To: vrssim@heggs.co.uk
Subject: 4th way of mjlj simulation
Date: 12 October 2006 12:32

Hi there, long ago I had the same problem of testing the MJLJ hardware on
the bench. The solution I found was to use the PC sound card to generate a
36-1 signal.

I just edited a sine audio signal, then I've inverted the phase between the
left and right channel. The result is a signal across the left and right
signal cable that is around 2Vpp 36-1. The precision of the signal might not
be 100% accurate but it's ok for testing purpose.

You don't need any additional component, just a old cable with a jack at one


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